Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring mood: ON! :)

Hey guys!
How are youuuu?

Spring is here guys :)
(Well almost... Some would say it's already summer but I'd have to disagree) I love this time of the year, spring is the best season for me, if not maybe the favourite one...:)  Why?
Well guys, first of all - the outfit! All of my favourite pieces of clothing are spring-wearable. I love the sun, the wind and... everything that connects to spring! (I'm born in November though :(, maybe that's why... hahah:)..)

So it's time for me to present you my look from this weekend.

As you all know or maybe not, one of SPRING's 2013 trends is pastelsso make sure to have at least one piece of pastel clothing in your closet.
The dress I'm wearing is light green pastel colour  (somewhat lime) which is an absolout hit when it comes to the pastel trend. If you decide to wear pastels, make sure to pair your clothes with neutral colours so you can keep your outfit fresh and fun (like I did with the bag). and also - combine different pastel hues to complete your look ( use the example of me with the wedges).

Sooooo... bring it on girls and guys! Let the pastel spring begin :)))

Sending much love to all of you... :) :*
Till the next post,

LipsOfUrbanCashmere, x

My look:

Dress - Terranova
Wedges - Avanti
Necklace - Duki Daso
Sunglasses - Schatze
Shoulder bag - Vintage 
(actually from the 60s, it belonged to my fashionable grandma at the time :)) )


  1. Odlično!

  2. odlicen izgled dopolnet so unikatni dodatoci-bravo

  3. Пред се извинување затоа што доцнам со коментирање. :)

    Понатаму, пофалби за спојот на нијанси!
    На нежната пастелна боја на фустанот одлично ми се надоврзува ланчето. Не само затоа што станува збор за бои од иста палета, но и дава одличен pop of colour, заедно со чевлите, чија впечатливост е неутрализирана преку кафената чанта.

    Супер искомбинирано. :)